Anime Expo Debuts The World Ends With You PV, Details

Square Enix held a panel at Anime Expo to showcase the upcoming anime adaptation of The World Ends With You (Subarshiki Kono Sekai). 

The panel revealed that the anime will be created with 3D CG; however, after a promotional video was shown, it seems to be a mix of CG and digital animation and, might I add, it looks VERY well done!

During the panel, it was stated that the game’s original voice cast will return to reprise their roles. In addition, the original character designer and composer are returning to supervise and create the anime’s characters and soundtrack. The music is about 90% completed for the anime as of now.

They also announced that The World Ends With You will launch worldwide in 2021; however, it was not stated in which of the four anime seasons it will launch in at this time. The anime is based on the original game which released fourteen years ago on the Nintendo 3DS. The game released for iOS and Android and then, later on Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of the promotional trailer, you can check it out for yourself below: