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Animal Crossing New Horizons Getting Island Backup Saves

Without a doubt one of the biggest gaming debuts of the year is that of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Well over 13 million (at last count) people have gotten the game and have been making islands the way that they want to, and the results have been rather impressive. There has been a problem though.

Mainly, the islands of the players aren’t saved in the regular way, but rather, they’re tied to the Nintendo Switch itself. Which means should the console get damaged or destroyed, the island save data would be lost. However, Nintendo has stated that on July 30th a new Island Backup & Restoration Service will be available for Nintendo Switch Online members.

“If your Nintendo Switch system is lost or damaged, you may be able to recover your island paradise as long as you’ve enabled island backup,” Nintendo said in a news release on Tuesday.

Now, whether this works like it’s intended to will be found out soon enough, but for fans who have spent hundreds of hours in Animal Crossing New Horizons to make their perfect islands, it’ll come as a relief to know that their hard work isn’t gone in a puff of smoke.