‘Aggretsuko’ Season 3 is Coming This Summer

Let’s just admit that 2020 is a rage-inducing dumpster fire full of nightmare fuel. But there are some things that are making it okay. And one of those things is the return of the popular Netflix anime Aggretsuko, coming in hot for a third season this August.

Not much is known yet about the new season other than this poster. We can see Retsuko with a guitar and surrounded by hamsters (or maybe guinea pigs?) dressed in idol-like matching costumes. Is she joining a band? Will we finally get to see her take her impressive metal skills outside a karaoke room? There also appears to be a very fancy horse (with a unicorn horn?), a dog, and an aged cheetah character added to the line-up. And of course, we can’t miss Haida, Retsuko’s coworker, ominously reaching over a wall in the background, in what appears to be an Attack on Titan reference.

Unfortunately, without a trailer, we just don’t know. But with a poster reveal and a little over a month left before the season premieres, we’re bound to get one sooner rather than later. Either way, fire up the karaoke machine, it’s time to rage.

Aggretsuko Season 3 premieres on Netflix on August 27, 2020.