Wayforward Is Up For Shantae Animated Series And Remaster Of Original Game

Shantae may have started out as a simple game on the Game Boy 20 years ago, but it’s slowly but surely grown into a major franchise with releases on many consoles, handhelds, and even PC! The most recent game that came out on the Switch, PS4 and PC was Shantae and the Seven Sirens, and fans and critics are enjoying the latest enjoy.

The Wayforward team truly loves the Shantae franchise, and though they’re letting Seven Sirens have its breathing room to make sales and impressions, the team is looking to the future as well!

Creator Matt Bozon told Comicbook in a new interview:

“I’m taking a breather by helping out with a few other projects where I can while we prepare for the next big thing. Erin really wants to keep exploring Shantae as an animated series, and I’m all for that, too. After that Studio TRIGGER intro it feels like it’s closer than ever. Why doesn’t the cartoon keep playing? Why does it end?”

Also, in an interview Siliconera, Bozon noted that he’d be up for remaking the original game as well!

“That’s been a hot topic lately! I’d be down for doing that! Of course, we’re all very excited to make new games, too. We’ll need to think long and hard about what the next Shantae adventure will be – but a remake isn’t outside the realm of possibility!”

Given all the games that have been remade, revitalized or given definitive editions over the last many years, a full-on remake of the original Shantae title might just be in order!