Super Smash Bros Ultimate To Reveal ARMS Character Monday

It’s been a hard time for Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans. Because many events for the game have had to be canceled due to the global lockdown, and then, the Fighter Pass 2 had been VERY quiet outside of a tease that the game would be getting an ARMS character in June. But this reveal was in March and thus players have been waiting for a LONG time for an announcement.

Well now we’re going to get just that. On Twitter, Nintendo revealed that they were going to have another event led by director Masahiro Sakurai in which he would reveal which ARMS character would come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and breakdown when they’ll arrive and what they’re going to play like.

This is not unlike the events that he did for past Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters like Byleth, Terry Bogard, Banjo-Kazooie and the Dragon Quest Hero.

Nintendo of America was also sure to note that there will NOT be a tease for the next Fighter Pass 2 character, this will solely be about the ARMS character