Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Potentially Delayed Until 2021

Without a doubt, Nintendo has been working hard to expand its IPs and presence in the world. They aren’t just doing video games and mobile titles but making themself a brand in a major way. And thus they made a deal with Universal Studios to go and make a theme park called Super Nintendo World. The first one would be in Japan and was set to launch this year. However, as Nikkei and more are reporting, that’s apparently not going to happen now.

Is this much of a surprise? Probably not. For with the global lockdown things have been pushed back and delayed all over the place, and not in the good way. Disney World is only now just starting to prepare for a return to form, and Disney Land has said they’re pushing back their delays as well. Japan itself has been hit hard by Coronavirus because of their initial lack of safeguards.

The official word came from Universal Studios Japan, who noted that the park could still open this fall, but more than likely will open in 2021. Which would not only give the park more time to build, but expand upon what was supposed to be done this year.

At present, the only major areas set up are the Mario sections. But Nintendo and Universal Studios plans to expand into the many other major franchises of Nintendo.

So if you were hoping to go to Japan later this year to see Super Nintendo World yourself, you’re going to have to delay those plans.