Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Has Been Announced

Last week, the Pokemon Company made a special Pokemon Presents show and announced three Pokemon titles that were coming out or are now out in full via Pokemon Smile and Pokemon Cafe Mix. And today, they returned to announce one more game, Pokemon Unite.

This is a collaboration between the Pokemon Company and Tencent, and they’ve made a 5-v-5 Pokemon strategy battle game where 10 players battle it out to try and get the most points in a 10-minute fight.

The gameplay is very reminiscent of League of legends, but with a Pokemon twist. For example, Pokemon start out at Level 1 but gain levels by beating other Pokemon and accomplishing goals. Do enough and you’ll evolve. You’ll also be able to learn new skills and determine which ones to keep for your Pokemon.

There are also special “Unite Moves” that’ll do massive damage to a wide array of opponents. Arguably the best part though is that this will be a cross-play title that’ll allow Switch, Android and iOS players to tag team with one another to play!

The presentation below has a gameplay demo for you to watch. No release date for Pokemon Unite has been given yet.