Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon Twilight Wings Gives New Depth To Oleana

Pokemon Twilight Wings was on a brief hiatus due to the worldwide lockdown, but now things seem to be back on track, and the newest episode shines a light on the “Assistant” to Chairman Rose, the woman known as Oleana.

The irony of this episode is very clear to fans. As in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games (of which these episodes expand on in their own way), Oleana was seen as a very cold woman who served Chairman Rose’s every whim. But here, we see that she was once a basic worker in his company until he chose her to help him run it while he was out and about.

We see a “typical day” for Oleana as she literally runs things in regards to Rose’s company and throughout Galar. She has a clear love of science and the world of Pokemon, and you can see she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t complain even when she just wants to sit down and drink her coffee.

You can see Oleana’s Day via the video below, and Pokemon Twilight Wings will continue next with a rather…ghastly…gym leader. Speaking of which, be on the lookout for some cameos of other Galar gym leaders…