Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 6 Coming Next Week!

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, it’s been a busy time for you. There have been multiple Pokemon Presents detailing new and exciting Pokemon adventures, including the upcoming New Pokemon Snap and the recently revealed Pokemon Unite. Pokemon Journeys is up on Netflix, The Isle of Armor has released, and more! But, if you’re wanting to hear more about Pokemon Twilight Wings, you’re in luck!

The miniseries set in the Galar region is going to show off its 6th episode next week as revealed on Twitter!

Pokemon Twilight Wings has been a revelation of storytelling in the Pokemon world. Even making fans care about characters they honestly didn’t like in Sword in Shield like Hau and Olenna. So who knows what they’re going to show in the upcoming episodes and how it’ll make us feel. But without a doubt we’ll be watching! And we’ll post here when the episode is live!