Orion Launches Podcast Focused on Original English Light Novels

The world of Original English Light Novels (OELN) continues to grow and the latest proof of that can be found with The Orion Podcast. This podcast was created by Atish Sorokhaibam and his Orion Studio whose goal is to produce India’s first light novel. The podcast features several OELN authors from around the entire globe which showcases just how widespread the OELN community is and that it is not just a localized niche here in America.

The first episode launched on June 12 which you can listen to below:

The Orion Podcast joins The Web Light Novel and Manga podcast, hosted by Zeke Changuris, as a source of information and awareness for the OELN community. Be sure to give both podcasts a listen and broaden your horizons on this up-and-coming genre!

You can check out each of the authors on social media via the links below:

Jio Kurenai Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/jio_kurenai?igs…
Jio Kurenai Twitter Handle:
Jio Kurenai’s Light Novel at Honeyfeed:

Ehanso Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/ageofember?igsh…
Ehanso Twitter Handle:
Ehanso’s Light Novel at Honeyfeed:

Jay Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/jaym3_x?igshid=…
Jay Twitter Handle:
Jay’s Light Novel at Honeyfeed:

Atish Sorokhaibam Founder of Orion Writing Studio and also the Author of Light Novel Avalon Dark Ages Beginning.
Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/authoratish?igs…
Twitter Handle:
Light Novel at Honeyfeed:

Cosmo Griffin Aka Sushita Pal the Editor-in-Chief.
Instagram Handle:
Light Novel at Honeyfeed: https://www.honeyfeed.fm/chapters/6476

Mohit Bodhijani Video editor as well as the photo edited and Head of Digital department.
Instagram Handle:

Priyanshi Jain The shadow CEO of Orion Writing Studio.
Instagram Handle:

Prakhar Charan the second-editor-in-chief.
Instagram Handle:

Dhruv Nihalani the business manager and PR.
Instagram Handle:

Nitish Kumar the Head of Advertisement Department.
Instagram Handle:

Official Orion Writing Department Handle: https://instagram.com/orionswritingtu…