The World Ends With You

New Trademark For The World Ends With You Filed

If you’re a fan of The World Ends With You, then you’re in luck, because new reports are surfacing that Square Enix has filed a new trademark for the series as of June 1st. Which means all sorts of things that we’ll happily break down for you. But first, here is the tweet that revealed this straight from Gematsu:

Now, obviously, just because The World Ends With You has gotten a new trademark filed doesn’t mean anything definitive. It could mean that something else is coming, like another port, which we have seen many times. Or, as the tweet above notes, TWEWY is going to an anime expo for some reason and it could be something related to that.

However, it COULD mean that they’re FINALLY making headway on giving us a sequel that fans have wanted since the game FIRST came out on the Nintendo DS all the way back in 2007. As well as the sequel that was teased via The World Ends With You Final Remix on the Nintendo Switch (which you can read our review here for!).

So what does this all mean? Honestly? We don’t know, but we’re really hoping this game gets its due finally because it’s a hidden gem from the DS era that gained a cult following that has wanted more for this series for a long time. So give us what we want Square Enix!