Min-Min Joins SSBU

Min Min Has Officially Entered Super Smash Bros Ultimate

It seems like forever since the last DLC character arrived in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For those who don’t recall, that was Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses. We knew that Fighter Pass 2 was coming, and that the first character would be from ARMS, but details aside from that didn’t come until last week. Masahiro Sakurai came and revealed that Min Min from ARMS would be joining, and that she would be arriving on the 29th, which is today. But when? Well…she’s available now.

You can purchase her separately or get the entire Fighter Pass 2 DLC and enjoy her fighter set as you plow through the many modes of the game. Some of us here on The Outerhaven have already tried her out:

Just like in ARMS, Min Min uses her stretchy appendages to do major strikes, also like her origin game, you can rotate the kind of ARMS you have so you can adapt to the situation.

If you wish to see a more in-depth look at Min Min in action, look at Sakurai’s presentation from last week:

As for who arrives next in Super Smash Bros Ultimate…we don’t know. There are 5 more characters coming, but the lockdown has been hard on the Smash Bros team, so no current date is set for the next character reveal, or even a window as to when they’ll arrive.