Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda

How Lin-Manuel Miranda Made ‘Hamilton’ Appropriate for Disney Plus

On July 3rd, the hit musical Hamilton will arrive on Disney+ for streaming. Originally set to come to movie theaters, Disney decided in the wake of the Coronavirus to release the musical on Disney+ instead. Hamilton will even arrive a year earlier than initially planned. But will it be exactly like the Broadway production? 

Well, no, for two small reasons. One, it’s a “live capture” of the show, which is actually good news. Instead of a simple recording form the audience, it will be a filmed and edited version of the production, with various camera angles and shots used. The second reason is that it has some slight censorship. The other day, a trailer released for the streamed show, which mentioned that it’d have a PG-13 rating. An inquisitive Twitter user asked Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of the musical, if that meant anything had gotten changed. Since PG-13 films can only have one use of the f-bomb, and Hamilton has three, Miranda literally had to “give two f*cks” in order to allow it to get the rating. 

A small change so the kids could see it, and Disney likely approved as well. After all, it’s Disney. Miranda elaborated that the exact places of the censored words come up in the songs “Yorktown” and “Washington on Your Side.” The solution for Hamilton purists? Miranda suggests singing along at home or even syncing up the album.