PlayStation 5 Front Glamourshot-01

Here’s your first look at the PlayStation 5

Despite several rumors floating around regarding the PlayStation 5 not making an appearance during today’s PlayStation 5 event, Sony finally did it. They finally showed off the console, and while it isn’t what many of us envisioned, at least we finally got to see it.

But wait, we didn’t just see one PlayStation 5, but two different variants of it. From out of nowhere, Sony has taken a page from Microsoft’s playbook and has introduced Digital-Only PlayStation 5 as well. Since this new variant doesn’t have a disc drive, the shape is slightly different from the model that does include an optical drive.

Take a look for yourself.

PlayStation 5 Front Glamourshot-01

While we’ve finally got a look a the PlayStation 5, we still have a number of questions. Such as will the digital-only version include a bigger hard drive? Will the two SKUs have a different price? When will it launch? How does it lay down?

Well, we actually have an answer to the last question, as you can see in the image below. Looks like w won’t have to worry about it fitting in our gaming setups.

PS5 can lay sideways

It seems for now that Sony still doesn’t want to show all of their cards when it comes to the upcoming next-generation console debut. If anything, Sony is waiting to see what Microsoft does next. Which means don’t expect to hear much of anything until Microsoft’s next Livestream which will take place this July 2020.

The next-generation of consoles is just getting started.