Focus Home Interactive has acquired long time partner Deck13

Typically when you see a Focus Home Interactive title being published, chances are the game has been developed by Deck 13. Seeing how the two have been connected at the hip for a while, Focus Home Interactive took it one step further and has finally snatched up the development studio.

As of this announcement, Focus Home Interactive will have 100% control over Deck 13. Deck 13 has been an independent studio with several great games that it was just a matter of time before a publisher became interested in them. In my mind, I was thinking that even Microsoft may have tried to present an offer. I’m glad they didn’t (if they did).

The Surge 2 header

“I am delighted to announce that Deck13 is now part of Focus Home Interactive. Our companies have been working together successfully since 2011, developing award winning brands such as The Surge. We are looking forward to leveraging the incredible capabilities of Focus Home Interactive to develop new successes”.

This is great news for both companies, as their partnership has provided the world with some amazing titles. Those titles being the action-RPG games that had a unique spin, The Surge 1 and The Surge 2. Both of which were some of my favorite games in the past few years.

That said, I wonder if this means we’ll see more content from The Surge. Possibly some more DLC or perhaps even a whole new game in the series.

The future is looking bright, that’s for sure.