Destiny 2

Bungie has plans to announce what’s next for Destiny 2 on June 9th

Yesterday, Bungie has officially announced its intent to tell the gaming world what they plan to do with the willing status of Destiny 2. This comes via a new trailer that was released today, along with the date of June 9th,  9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

Along with this date, we also see a familiar face, the Drifter, who runs the PVE/PVP Gambit modes. Here we see him decked out in some new gear, heading out to who knows. Along with the announcement, we also see the words “Coordinates received. The future of Destiny 2 arrives.”.

Sounds like we’re about to find out about the next expansion for Destiny 2. 

Where’s Drift headed to? He could be heading out to meet up with Eris Morn, who we recently saw in a leaked Destiny 2 trailer (technically not leaked since Bungie released it then pulled it), making her way across a snowy landscape. Of which many are speculating to be Europa, one of moons of Jupiter. Which makes sense as we can see Jupiter, momentarily in the leaked trailer. 

Europa is also covered in snow and ice, it’s also a former colony that was lost during the Collapse that took place prior to the original Destiny. This wouldn’t be the first time the moon was mentioned or teased, as it surfaced in a 4chan tease sometime last year.  It very well mean that we’ll finally head back there, but why?

One thing is for sure; if you’re remotely interested in what’s going to happen next, then you’ll want to turn in on June 9th, to see what Bungie has planned. It just may be what the game needs to bring people gamers back into the fold.  If Bungie stacks on the lore, I mean really stack it on, I know I’ll be back.

Destiny 2 is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.