Bizarre No More Heros 3 Screenshot from Suda 51

A recent tweet from No More Heroes director Suda 51 was posted this morning, which looks to be the first “official” in-game screenshot of No More Heroes 3

The tweet in question includes a picture of the series protagonist, Travis Touchdown, standing in front of the No More Heroes motel with a figure of Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty placed in front. What exactly does this mean? Well, we aren’t exactly sure.

It’s a bizarre and random post, as well as a weird first reveal of what No More Heroes 3 will most likely look like in gameplay. It fits Suda’s personality that’s for sure. The motel behind Travis and the modern Santa Destroy definitely seems to be more in line with the game’s official concept art, more so than how they looked in the original on the Wii. There also seems to be a space ship in the top left, presumably controlled by the new antagonist FU and his fellow alien invaders. 

No More Heroes 3 has no set release date but is expected by everyone but the game’s own protagonist to release in 2020, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.