Are you excited for EA’s reveal of Star Wars Squadrons? [UPDATED]

Update: It looks like we have some new info ahead of the trailer drop. So let’s get to that, shall me. Thanks to a leaked PR release, which has since been pulled, we know now that the game is being developed by Motive Studios. A relatively new name in the game development space, however, they did work with Dice on Star Wars Battlefront II. The game is being developed for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store) with PC version including VR support. All versions of the game will also support cross-play (YES!).

Star Wars Squadron will include both single-player (YES!) and co-op campaigns and will feature first-person space dogfighting (Space Combat)The game is scheduled to be released on October 2nd, 2020. 


I’ll be honest, I’m a bit sad this was leaked ahead of the trailer, but at least we know what to expect. Of course, we’ll know much more about the game once EA Play starts today at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

Original story below.

In less than two hours, EA will showcase to the word, its upcoming spaceship battling Star Wars title, Star Wars Squadron. Previously leaked by Xbox (oops!)  last week but quickly removed, we currently don’t know much about this game. While we knew EA was working on another Star Wars title, we figured it would be a follow-up to the award-winning Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Instead, we’re getting a new title and one with space ships and I’m ok with that.


Now, while that may be in production, this new title is going a different direction. Or you could say, a return of a direction as the very first Star Wars games were based on spaceship combat.

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Yes, many of you will remember the X-wing and Tie Fighter games that were released for the PC back during the 1990s. Developed by LucasArts, these games were the first space combat games based in the Star Wars universe. They also went on to inspire several games similar to them, such as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – one of my favorite Star Wars games of all time.

As for Star Wars Squadron, I can only hope that it is similar to the aforementioned games. That said, I do have some wants;

A robust single-player campaign – EA, you aren’t going to fool me again. If Star Wars Battlefront has shown me one thing, you like screwing the pooch when it comes to the single-player experience. This needs to have one, no excuses for not having it.

Spaceships and modes – If we’re going to be playing with space ships, then let us have full control over them. Let us customize them, let us have multiple online gaming modes. Not to mention, I’d love to see ALL the icon ships from the Star Wars universe; X-wings, A-Wings, Tie Fighters, Star Destroyer boss fighters, etc. If you’re going to do this then do it right!

NO DAMNED MICROTRANSACTIONS – I’m pretty sure this is all I need to say about this.


I didn’t think I’d be this excited for the title, but after remember all the fond times I had with previous Star Wars space combat games, I’m looking forward to this. Well, that is unless EA drops the ball. That said, here’s to hoping that what they show us today at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET doesn’t disappoint and makes all want to have fun in a galaxy, far, far away.

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