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343 Industries Apparently Hiring For Another Halo Project

It seems Halo Infinite is not the only game 343 Industries has had in the pipeline for Halo‘s future. According to a job posting on the Microsoft Careers website, there’s a position available at the studio helming the Halo franchise dedicated to a new project in Microsoft’s famous shooter franchise. 

Visiting the career site here, there’s currently a Senior Producer role available at 343 Industries. According to the posting, this position will be a core part of the development team “to help develop a new project in the Halo universe.” Obviously the post doesn’t go into detail as to what this new project would be, but it does specifically mention that it’s something to the series. 

In the past 343 Industries has teased that there were several new projects in the planning stages for the Halo franchise. Likely with Halo Infinite well on its way to release this fall, we won’t be hearing from these new projects any time soon. As for any clues to get from the job posting, well, there’s not too much to go on. There’s plenty of buzzwords about “innovative new experiences” in the series, but it does at least infer that this producer position won’t be working on a mainline Halo title.

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Whether that amounts to something as wildly different as Halo Wars or something as simple as the Fireteam Raven arcade cabinet is hard to say. From what can be gathered by the job posting, there’s likely another spin-off project in the works that’s looking to show a different aspect of the Halo universe outside of the Spartans and/or humanity. Then again, it has been a while since the last Halo Wars game, so wouldn’t be far out of place for another entry in the sub-series to be on its way. 

Either way, there’s more Halo coming in the future. Whether that manifests as a true sequel, a spin-off shooter in the universe, or something wildly different, it’s not coming for a good long while.