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Toys On A Tuesday: The Coolest G-1 Transformers Optimus Prime Toys You Can Buy Today

**Original published Dec 11, 2018 **

Growing up as a child of the ’80s, I had many cartoon heroes. However, none of them stood taller than the heroic leader of the Autobots and the ultimate badass. That hero was Optimus Prime, a walking, talking voice of reason and I simply couldn’t get enough of him. I had every toy they made of him at that time. Of course, toys ended up getting way better as I grow older and I’ve had my eyes on a few of them for quite some time. This list contains each and one of those, all from the G1 or generation one of Transformers. No, they’re not Go-bots, stop saying that for the love of Alpha Trion.

So enjoy this week’s selection and fear not if you’re a fan of Prime’s eternal nemesis – Megatron (or Galvatron). We got him covered before this month is over. Also, that sweet picture of Prime that’s sitting up top was done by GEARSMITH on deviantART. There’s other Transformers works over there to check out as well.

Also, keep in mind that while most online stores are legit, there are some sellers that might try and dupe you. There are quite a few knock-offs and fakes on the market. So if you buy from a place or person you aren’t sure about, demand pictures and even the official box.

On to the Primes!

Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime)

Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy-01

Ah, one of the finest Optimus Prime toys on the market. Sitting way about the original MSRP, this particular model sits at the $300 and up price range. Included is the trailer, Prime’s iconic arm cannon, removable matrix, and Energon axe. Why is this so damned expensive? Well, other being one of the better Optimus Prime toys out there. It’s also heavily in demand, so the prices just keep going up and up. Even to this day, I keep kicking myself for not picking it up when I had the chance and at a much lower price. If you find one under $200, don’t you make the same mistake.

Available on Amazon

Takara Tomy Transformers – MasterPiece MP10B Black Convoy (Nemesis Prime)

Transformers - Master Piece MP10B Black Convoy-01


This one is another Optimus Prime figure that I once had in my hands and let it go. Similar to the Optimus Price toy above, this bad boy includes everything that the original does – with the exception of the trailer. He also comes in a menacing shade of black, instead of the red and blue scheme and goes by the name of Nemesis Prime. The evil clone, as indicated by the Deception symbol, shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially if you can find him, he’s considerably cheaper than the original version. Of course, if black is your color then you have no reason not to get this one.

Available on Amazon

Wei Jiang Masterpiece MPP10 Oversized Optimus Prime

Wei Jiang Masterpiece MPP10 Oversized Optimus Prime-02

If the first two items on my list are a bit more than you’d like to pay, not to worry. I have something a bit cheaper, but still very appealing to you. Presenting the Wei Jiang Masterpiece MPP10 Oversized Optimus Prime. This one I actually own and I happened to pick this one up during a trip to New York. Just as amazing as the Takara Tomy toys, I recommend this one as well. However, this guy is quite a bit taller than the others on this list. He’s freaking tall and stands at one foot high. He is still completely posable, which is a plus.

Available on Amazon

Hasbro’s Transformers Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Transformers Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime-01

If you ever wondered what Optimus Prime might look like if he was given the Neon Genesis Evangelion treatment, this is the toy is for you. Sporting a purple and green color scheme, this version of Prime is on the lower end line of the Tomy Takara /  Hasbro Masterpiece series. As such it isn’t as detailed and it has the plastic feeling to it. Outside of that, it still includes everything that makes Optimus Prime, well, Optimus Prime. The gun, Energon axe, the Matrix of leadership, and even the trailer. 

So, why exactly is Prime, purple? Interesting enough, this version is from a different universe. The ones we know have the Autobots as the heroes and the Decepticons as the villains. However, in the Shattered Glass universe, it’s the opposite. Yep, purple means bad and this Prime is as bad as they come. You thought Megatron was bad? This version of Optimus may want to have words with you – or put you in the ground.

Available on Amazon

Sideshow Toys Optimus Prime / Star Scream Version

Sideshow Toys Optimus Prime / Star Scream Version

Debatably, the best of the best on this list, this Optimus Prime doesn’t fool around. I mean we already knew Prime was the best, but Sideshow Toys decided to one-up everything else and had Prime rip the wings off his foe, Starscream, and mounted them to his back. Talk about hardcore! Posable, includes both of Starscream’s null rays and wings, Prime’s arm cannon, and the Matrix of Leadership. It also stands on stop a rock base, however, this version is not transformable. It’s also really pricey and comes in at $340 USD. He’s also very hard to come by and is usually sold out over at Sideshow Toys website. 

If it wasn’t for the wife giving me the glare of death, I’d have him right now. Oh.. hi honey, no I’m not talking about you. I swear!

Available at Sideshowtoys

Sideshow Toys G1 Cartoon Optimus Prime


This one made the list because not only does it look freaking amazing. But it’s the only one of its kind, or at least that I know of. While this isn’t available to buy right now, you can drop some cash and pre-order it. According to Sideshow Toys, this version of Prime is faithful to the G1 Transformers that most of us have seen as a child. It even looks just like he’s running out of my TV and onto my shelf of goodies.

This one is also not posable and the only thing that comes with this edition is the Energon axe and arm cannon. Still, I dig the look that the creators are going for and I’ve already placed my pre-order. 

Available at Sideshowtoys

Flame Toys Furai Model 01 Optimus Prime 


Ok, I know I said that only G1 Optimus Prime toys and figurines would make this list. But c’mon, look at this thing. Tell me how I couldn’t possibly put this on here. So I’m adding it and there’s nothing that’s changing my mind. Designed by TRIGGER (KILL LA KILL), this kit features multiple points of articulation. A slick design and includes a really wicked looking axe – just look at that thing. Sure, this one also doesn’t transform, but with looks like this, I can give it a solid pass. 

I’m really digging that anime-look that this figurine possesses. I don’t already own this one, but you better believe that I smashed that buy button.

Available at Amazon


There you go, more Prime than you can shake an energon cube at. Just do me a favor and keep them out of the hands of the lil’ bits, ok? No grown man or woman should endure the terror of watching your precious toys being destroyed in front of your face. It will reduce you to tears. Trust me, I’ve experienced this with my own eyes, it’s not a pretty sight.