Tokyo Game Show 2020 canceled, will be replaced with online event

Another one bites the dust

Given the number of gaming conventions and events that have been either postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, hearing one more affected doesn’t phase us anymore. So, imagine our surprise when the Tokyo Game Show recently announced that Tokyo Game Show 2020 was now officially been canceled.

OK, we lied, we’re upset just like you are.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020(TGS2020), scheduled to be held from September 24 (Thu.) to 27 (Sun.), 2020, is now planned to take place online. TGS2020, which is usually held at Makuhari Messe, is cancelled.

Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on a global scale and the situation remains unpredictable in Japan as well, the organizer and the co-organizers have reached this decision after a long consideration to place the utmost priority on the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors and stakeholders. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

More information will be announced as needed on the official website and press releases from late May.

By now gamers and fans alike have already gathered that any event that requires physical interaction has gone the way of the dodo. Thankfully, there’s some good news to go along with this. That being that the organization will replace the canceled event with an online event, with details to come later. I’d say that for many of us, the online portion of the Tokyo Game Show is all we see anyway.

So for many of us, things will be the norm. It will be those who physically attend the show, such as the exhibitors, vendors, and others who make the event come together, who’ll feel the pitch.

Still, this event would be been the last major gaming convention before both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X are released. Something that many of us were looking forward to, well, before the world ended up in worse shape than it already was. Needless to say, this is just another pain in the ass inconvenience that sadly needed to happen.  

As for us, we’re saddened about this news, but again personal health is more important than any gaming show. We’ll keep you updated with the Tokyo Game Show 2020 replacement plans once we know of them.