Timelie Game Unveils Launch Trailer

Today, Bangkok-based indie developer Urnique Studio unveiled the launch trailer for their upcoming game Timelie. Timelie is described as a time-manipulation puzzle game that was first conceived as a student project by a small team of developers.

The early version of Timelie went on to receive recognition from a number of prestigious competitions, including “Winner – Best Game” at Microsoft’s 2016 Imagine Cup Student Development Competition, “Winner – Best Game” at the 2016 Thailand National Software Contest, and “Winner – Best Student Technical Project” at the 2017 Bangkok International Digital Content Festival.

Urnique Studio explains the game as follows:

Follow the adventures of a girl and her mysterious cat companion as they work together in a unique single-player cooperative puzzle game, where time itself can be manipulated to ensure your survival. Evade dangerous enemies as you search each level for an exit, and manipulate time to ensure your success. Watch the future play out to discover if you succeed and, if you fail, rewind time to try a new strategy. 

You can check out the trailer for Timelie below:

To find out more information on Timelie, check out the official website here: www.timeliegame.com

Wishlist Timelie at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1150950/Timelie/