Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings Fellowship to Reunite This Sunday

The Fellowship will return this Sunday, hosted by Josh Gad. The star of Frozen and Murder on the Orient Express recently started hosting a Reunited Apart series during this time of COVID-19. The web series has brought various casts together from classic films, such as Back to the FutureNext up, he’ll journey to Middle-Earth, as the cast from The Lord of the Rings will join him this Sunday. Check out the familiar faces in the trailer.

Yep, that’s Josh Gad with Sean Astin (Sam). Later he’s joined by Elijah Wood (Frodo) who apparently is always online with Sean Astin because it comforts him, which honestly, I could believe it. The cast reunites fairly frequently. They’re joined by Dominic Monaghan (Merry), Billy Boyd (Pippin), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), and lastly by the wizard himself, Ian McKellen (Gandalf). Which begs the question, isn’t that already a Lord of the Rings reunion?

Well, apparently this Sunday even more cast members will join for the actual reunion. Dominic Monaghan posted a screenshot of everyone joining the reunion. It turns out that the people in the teaser trailer aren’t even half of the full reunion. I won’t spoil it here, but I will say it seems like will be a return of the king. If you’d like to see the full cast and crew joining, you can click the link. 

You can check out the reunion of the Fellowship this Sunday at 9am PT and 12pm EST.