Shout! Factory cult classics head to WarnerMedia’s VRV

VRV announced today that an epic selection of Shout! Factory TV movies and series will be coming to their streaming platform! The full line up of series and films coming to VRV is as follows:


Kamen Rider: Kuuga

Synopsis: When a group of archaeologists uncover the tomb of a legendary warrior, they unearth Kuuga’s belt, accidentally releasing an ancient race of monsters called the Grongi, bent on destroying humanity.

Chojin Sentai Jetman

Synopsis: From the original Japanese series that inspired Power Rangers. The Sky Force sends five highly trained operatives to participate in an experiment which will expose them to Birdonic Waves, resulting in superhuman abilities. But when the Earth Ship is attacked by Vyram, the majority of the Birdonic Waves are sent to Earth and find four unsuspecting civilians. Now, it’s up to these four accidental super humans – Raita, Kaori, Ako, and Gai – alongside Ryu, the only original operative to receive Birdonic Waves, to defend their dimension against Vyram.


Synopsis: The premiere Supermarionation series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Supercar was a prototype vehicle that could travel in the air, on land, or beneath the sea. Its test pilot was Mike Mercury, who traveled the world in search of adventure. Supercar was designed by Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker, who continued to modify it for specific missions. Often traveling with Mike was 10-year-old orphan Jimmy Gibson.



Synopsis: An epic from the dark ages about the legendary lost tribe of warrior women. The girls fly into danger, come up against fierce tribes, fall prey to sorcery, put to rest a family rivalry of centuries past, and battle to victory!

Barbarian Queen

Synopsis: The Barbarian Queen, armed with her sword and a burning desire for revenge, accompanied by three ravishing but deadly women warriors, mercilessly overthrows the tyrannical warlord who slaughtered her tribeswomen and enslaved her men in the gladiator ring.

Hawk the Slayer

Synopsis: With the aid of his companions, a man seeks to defeat his evil brother who has taken a nun hostage.


Synopsis: The cosmic struggle between white magic and black magic unfolds in an age of swords, sorcery, barbarians, and babes.

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

Synopsis: When evil screams throughout the world. When all the galaxies converge. When all that’s fair and fine seems lost. A Hero will emerge.

With the addition of these series and films, more than 600 episodes and nearly 400 hours of Shout Factory content will be available on the curated house channel VRV Select. VRV has more than 80,000 episodes and nearly 2 million minutes of content across VRV channels, which includes Boomerang, Cartoon Hangover, Crunchyroll, NickSplat, Rooster Teeth, and more. New users can try out VRV for free for 30 days. After that, it is $9.99 per month for an ad-free premium subscription.

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