PlayStation 5 live event june 4th 2020

PlayStation 5 event to take place on June 4th

Well, things are starting to heat up as Sony has officially announced when they’ll be holding its PlayStation 5 event that we’ve been waiting for. 

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and Present, Jim Ryan, announced that they’ll be hosting an event this upcoming June 4th, 2020. Which also happens to be the same date that several insiders and gaming journalists had mentioned would be when we’d find out more about the PlayStation 5.

According to Ryan and a recent tweet, this event will be hosted live at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST. Sony hasn’t mentioned where we’ll be able to catch the live stream, but as soon as we know we’ll update this article accordingly.

This event will run for a little over an hour and will give us a look at several PlayStation 5 exclusive titles. There was even a tweet from Blue Point Games’ Technical Director, Peter Dalton, who stated “I’m so excited for the future. It is time to push forward and leave our old gaming limitations behind us.”. Keep in mind that Blue Point Games has been teasing for a while now that they’ve been working on a PlayStation 5 title. A title many believe is either a port of Demon’s Souls or another classic PlayStation title. Here’s to hoping whatever this game is, that we finally find out this June 4th.

Interestingly enough, it was Microsoft who had mentioned they were going to hold a live stream to show cause their first-party games but were waiting until July 2020 to do so. Which left PlayStation with a huge window to reveal their hand first and you better believe they’re going to capitalize on this. I guess you can say that this time Sony went first. 

Now I know they’ll be showing off games, but I really hope we also get to see the PlayStation 5. We’ve already seen the DualSense controller, but the actual system has been a closely held secret that needs to be spilled. Show us the console already, PlayStation!

So be sure to tune in on June 4th, to watch along with the rest of the gaming world as we hopefully get our first look at the PlayStation 5 and its exclusive titles.