Funimation announced today that the anime movie One Piece: Stampede is coming to their streaming service this summer! The movie will be available starting May 22 for a limited time. This will mark the first time that the movie will be available on Funimation’s streaming service!

In addition to the film, new dubbed episodes of One Piece are making their way to Funimation starting June 2! 

If you haven’t seen the One Piece: Stampede movie yet, or want to relive the action and celebration, now’s your chance. The movie which hit theaters last year is from One Piece mastermind, Eiichiro Oda and is packed to the brim with amazing moments and a slew of fan-favorite characters in a new story.


A new home release of One Piece is also coming on June 9! 

This summer is definitely shaping up to be a good one for One Piece fans!

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