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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 182 – Return Of The Splat

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here in all its Nintendo glory! And with the return of a beloved event comes the return of a beloved segment!

But first, the guys talk about their recent gaming exploits! Tyler is back, and has been enjoying both Streets of Rage 4 as well as Mario 8 Deluxe! Which level does he HATE? Find out here! Meanwhile, Will is enjoying both Persona 5 Royal and Overwatch. Meanwhile, Todd has finished Cindered Shadows DLC, and is starting Silver Snow! What were his thoughts on the DLC? You might be surprised!

Then, in the news, Tyler weighs in on the Paper Mario situation. The guys discuss the potential Pikmin announcement, whether Bayonetta 3 is canceled or not, Ninjala’s upcoming second beta, Unreal Engine 5 on Switch, and much more!

Finally, in the main event, Settle It In Splat returns! Mayonaisse vs Ketchup is getting a do-over, but who will win this time around? And what sides have the guys picked this go around? The answers may surprise you!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Plus, vote in our poll! Let’s settle the score, which condiment is better: Ketchup or Mayo?

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