New Super Lucky’s Tale is headed to PS4 and Xbox One

It seems Playful Studios has been busy this past year or so. Not only did they Super Lucky’s Tale for the Oculus Rift, and then the Xbox One. They released a new version of the game, New Super Lucky’s Tale, for the Switch this past November 2019. Now they’re bringing that same game to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Not much is known about this release, otherwise of the platforms that New Super Lucky’s Tale is headed to. What we can tell you is that if you’d never played this on the Switch, you’re in for a treat. Completely different from the original game, NSLT, was not only build from the ground up but was featured several improvements as well. It was essentially a new game and an enjoyable one at that.

So if you haven’t checked out the game and you have access to a Switch, perhaps give it a try. That is unless you’re looking forward to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Sadly, there still hasn’t been any news on an eventual PC release.