New Game+ Expo created to showcase niche gaming publishers

As you may be aware, most if not all gaming related events and conventions have either been delayed or canceled thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This includes E3 2020, Gamescom 2020, Toyko Game Show, among several others. While several online events have popped up to replace those events, mainly for the larger publishers, leaving the smaller ones such as indie and niche shops without any way of showing off their upcoming games. Well, that’s all about to change with the formation of New Game+ Expo, a new online event dedicated to showcasing those publishers and developers who would have otherwise gone unseen.

Taking place on June 23rd, 2020, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, New Game+ Expo will showcase many upcoming titles from some of your favorite gaming studios. The event will be live-streamed exclusively on Twitch. Since the announcement of this event, several companies have been confirmed. We can expect to hear about new game announcements, some gameplay, and possibly some demo announcements throughout the event. 

Here’s who’ll be attending New Game+ Expo so far:

  • Acttil
  • Aksys Games
  • Arc System Works America
  • Grasshopper Manufacture
  • GungHo America
  • Idea Factory International
  • Inti Creates
  • Koei Tecmo America
  • Natsume Inc.
  • NIS America, Inc.
  • Playsim
  • Sega of America / Atlus
  • SNK Corporation
  • Spike Chunsoft, Inc.
  • WayForward

It’s worth pointing out there in addition to the smaller shops, Sega/Atlus, SNK, and Koei Tecmo are also planning to attend. I’d imagine that we’ll see more companies being added as we get closer to New Game+ Expo. This is the perfect chance for the smaller companies to get some exposure, especially since the Tokyo Game Show was canceled. Which is typically where we’d see the smaller studios getting some more deserved exposure. 

So be sure to add New Game+ Expo to your calendar, along with the other gaming events that are taking place between now and August 2020. Those events include IGN’s Summer of Gaming, Gamespot’s Play for All, and Summer Game Fest.

For more info on New Game+ Expo, be sure to check out the official website.