Cities Skylines PlayStation 4

May PS Plus Game include ‘Cities: Skylines’

Coming off the heals of The Bioshock Collection and Uncharted 4, Sony has revealed the two games that PlayStation Plus members will get for free this month. The offerings are a bit… different. PS Plus typically includes at least one popular action game, such as the two mentioned here. However, this month the games consist of Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19. There’s a definite theme here, and if you’re a fan of simulation games you’re in luck.

Developed by Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines is a metropolis building simulator that sees players building up a small town into a large city. The acclaimed game is fairly in-depth, and lets players zone neighborhoods and districts and establish industries to keep the ecosystem thriving. If building an entire city seems daunting and something on a smaller scale is more your cup of sim tea, the other game offered is Farming Simulator 19. Trade city life for country life and grow crops, raise livestock, and ride one of over 300 farming vehicles in this game by GIANTS Software. 

According to the PlayStation Blog, players have until June 1st to grab these games and build their city and/or homestead.