Kingdom Hearts TV Show Reportedly Coming to Disney+

According to several sources, a Kingdom Hearts TV series may be coming to Disney Plus. While unconfirmed, this does make sense. The Kingdom Hearts video game franchise marks a successful collaboration between Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy, and Disney, the makers of, well, a lot of things these days. Kingdom Hearts began with the initial game in 2002, and since then has spawned several sequels, most of them spinoffs, with Kingdom Hearts 3 arriving last year (at long last). The games have featured numerous Disney worlds, such as Agrabah from Aladdin and Corona from Tangled.

According to The Gamer, sources that reported Disney’s upcoming live action Robin Hood and the She-Hulk Show coming to Disney Plus have also reported that a Kingdom Hearts TV series will arrive on Disney Plus. If it’s anything like the games, it will involve Sora, the hero of Kingdom Hearts, traversing various Disney worlds along with Disney sidekicks Donald and Goofy. It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll include any Final Fantasy characters, such as those from the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the Kingdom Hearts games, the characters from the original Final Fantasy VII feature prominently. 

Other questions remain, such as whether the TV show would serve as a continuation of the video game series of a retelling of it. It also might not even feature Sora at all, since various other heroes have featured as protagonists in the series. Lastly and most importantly, will it be live action or animated? Animated seems like a safe bet, although some sources report that the series will be live action. At this point, who’s to say? In the meantime, other Disney Plus shows have been confirmed, including a show based on the National Treasure movies and another based on the Percy Jackson books.