Kandagawa Jet Girls Are Heating Up This Summer For PS4 And PC

Seems life and hometown ain’t gone yet.

From the makers of Senran Kagura , Kandagawa Jet Girls will be coming to PS4 and PC this coming Summer. Brought to you by XSEED Games and Marvelous.

The synopsis of the game is described as this:

The sport of the future is here: jet racing! The brightest, most daring young athletes in Japan take to the waterways of Tokyo on high-tech jet machines. Each Jetter, or driver, pairs up with a Shooter, who blasts the opposition with various types of water guns. The fans are wild, the races are wilder, and the water’s great!But there’s more at stake than a trophy or two. Each racer has her own dreams, her own driving force pushing her onward. Some race for glory, some out of obligation, some to show their faith in a higher power, and some for nothing more than the thrill of it all. And each one, together with both her partner and her competitors, has a heartfelt story to tell.

Experience tales of friendship, hardship, family, and love, all infused with a rush of adrenaline in a whole new kind of racing. The Kandagawa River is ready for your challenge!

This wave racer will allow you to customize your jet ski, decals, and naturally the costumes of the ladies that you play. Also revealed on the main game’s site is that Senran Kagura DLC of Ryōna and Ryōbi will be available for the Western release with more characters scheduled to be released after.

Also revealed is a special edition of the game, including a special collectors packaging, 64 page art book and 2-disc music soundtrack from the game.  All art designed by Hanaharu Naruko.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is set to release on PS4 and PC this Summer. The anime adaptation was shown back in Fall 2019 is currently licensed by Sentai Filmworks.