Final Fantasy-inspired musical track Yonder Hills from Robin Appelqvist

Ah, the internet, a place where you can find the most amazing things even when you aren’t looking for them. It happens more than you’d think. This time I happened to come across this lovely piece of video game music called “Yonder Hills”, created by YouTuber “Robin Appelqvist“. At first, listen it sounds like it was taken from a fantasy-inspired RPG. Which would make sense as Robin has stated this piece of music was inspired by both the Final Fantasy series, as well as scores used in Studio Ghibli films. 

Take a listen for yourself below.

Song: Yonder Hills
Composer: Robin Appelqvist
Artwork: The artwork used in this track was created by Nicholas Kole.

It’s a beautiful track, that conjures up a feeling of wonder and discovery, something that would fit right into a Final Fantasy game.  To which I get the feeling that this was exactly what Robin was going for.

For now, this track is currently only available on YouTube, but according to Robin, it will be made available on Spotify and Bandcamp in the future. While you wait for that, be sure to check out more of Robin’s music on his YouTube channel.

Good job Robin, loving this track! Keep it up!