Death By Ex-Girlfriend: War Cloud Light Novel Launches

It was announced today that Haruto Tonbogiri’s latest installment in the Death by Ex-Girlfriend series, War Cloud, has officially launched! The latest installment in the series follows Tsukiakari Senkumo who returns after many years apart from Osamu, hoping to rekindle their lost love.

Tonbogiri describes Death by Ex-Girlfriend: War Cloud as follows:

The second entry in the Death by Ex-Girlfriend series! 
Osamu Ashikaga has returned to Kyoto after a four year absence. How is he welcomed home? By being ambushed by his four ex-girlfriends, kidnapped, held at swordpoint, then at gunpoint, and having his house blown up, of course.
Because of these events, Osamu and his ex-girlfriends are forced to live under one roof. 
Yoko is a violent redhead who still isn’t quite over the fact Osamu left without a word. Isabella is an American immigrant with way too many military connections for someone as vengeful as herself. Izanami, yes, that Izanami, is a rather peaceful goddess who tries to bring peace to the chaotic household, even though she has her own tragic history with Osamu.
Osamu and the girls live together, love together, and cry together until they grow into a genuine family of friends and lovers.
After the bittersweet conclusion of Aika Crisis, Osamu Ashikaga finds himself in yet more trouble with another lover from the past, one he hasn’t seen since he was just a five year old boy.
Tsukiakari Senkumo has come to reunite with Osamu after fifteen years apart. After a rather violent confrontation with Osamu’s exes, Tsukiakari reveals that she’s a retired war goddess who once led her own clan during the Warring States era of Japan.
Having respect for Tsukiakari’s strong feelings and the fact that this war goddess is apparently very dear to Izanami, Osamu makes it his personal mission to rekindle his friendship with her.
However, Tsukiakari’s past has followed her to Osamu’s doorstep. An old enemy is out for her life, and he will stop at nothing to ensure the war goddess dies this time. 
Osamu will have to make the hardest choice of his life. Just how far is he willing to go for this former war goddess?
The volume is available today on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats for $11.99 and $2.99, respectively. If you are interested in picking up a copy, you can do so at the following link:
Haruto Tonbogiri has been an author for two years and has previously written The Senkumo War Stories series spanning four volumes. To stay up-to-date on Death by Ex-Girlfriend and other words by Tonbogiri, follow him on Twitter at the following link: