Crunchyroll Extras Launches on YouTube with Exclusive Mobile Content

Crunchyroll announced that they have launched a new YouTube channel called Crunchyroll Extras. The channel will feature mobile-friendly content for the Crunchyroll community. As they celebrate the launch of this new YouTube channel, Crunchyroll will also bring a slate of One Piece content to commemorate the birthday of protagonist and pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy. Fans can watch 10 videos at launch with a new video premiering every day this month.

This channel will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes content, interviews, cooking demos, Crunchyroll explains, video essays, speed drawing, news, and more created for the anime community to enjoy across mobile devices. Crunchyroll Extras will also host exclusive reaction videos from famous personalities like Junji Ito (horror mangaka), Setsuo Ito (Japanese voice actor for Mob from “Mob Psycho 100”), and Eric Stuart (English voice actor for Seto Kaiba from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”). 

Crunchyroll currently operates two additional US-based YouTube channels: Crunchyroll main, which hosts long-form deep dives into anime hot topics like Crunchyroll Documentaries and “Anime Explained” videos, and Crunchyroll Collection, which shares trailers, clips and opening / ending music videos from our community’s favorite anime series. In aggregate, Crunchyroll’s US YouTube channels have 1.8M subscribers in total.

Fans can check out Crunchyroll Extras every day this month for original content about their favorite shows, and can catch the latest “One Piece” action from Luffy and the crew on Crunchyroll now. 

A trailer for the new channel was unveiled by Crunchyroll and can be seen below:

You can check out the brand-new channel here: Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out on all of the great content!