Could A Pikmin Announcement Be Coming Soon?

The world we live in is a strange one, no doubt, and what we take as “convention” is now being taken as a “luxury”. Case in point, in June, the gaming world usually heads to Los Angeles for E3, and yet that’s off the table because of the global lockdown. Gamers believed that Nintendo would still hold a Nintendo Direct of some kind instead of doing an E3 showing, but now that is in doubt. And now, rumors are swirling that the Pikmin franchise could be getting a major announcement soon.

This comes from Leaky Pandy, who is an industry insider, and has been right in the past about certain things. They said that something Pikmin would be announced soon, but they didn’t know more. At one point in time, we would’ve discounted this because of the Nintendo Directs. But then last week, Paper Mario: the Original King was revealed via Twitter! So clearly nothing is out of bounds.

But what would be in the Pikmin announcement in this instance? Most believe it’ll either be Pikmin 4 (which has been rumored for Nintendo Switch for years), OR, a ported version of Pikmin 3 (which obviously didn’t have the best sales on Wii U.)

Whether this rumor is true is up in the air, but it is something to keep an eye out for.