CoMix Wave Films has announced that they have prepared wallpapers of Makoto Shinkai’s work that can be used for web conferences and PC wallpaper. Many have joked that every still of a Makoto Shinkai movie is practically a wallpaper and now that proves to be true!

CoMix Wave Films is offering a few from Shinkai’s films Children Who Chase Lost Voices, your name., and The Garden of Words! Ironically, 5 Centimeters per Second (which was nicknamed by the anime community as 5 Wallpapers per Second) is not included, although the website does state that content will be added so there’s hope!

The page states this in regards to downloading the wallpapers:


<Request regarding the use of wallpaper images>
・ It is distributed for personal use. It cannot be used for commercial use or corporate advertising.
・ Please refrain from redistributing or reprinting on other sites.
・ If you would like to introduce us, please link to this page.

If you are interested in snagging some Shinkai art to spice up your desktop PC, you can do so here

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