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Anime Expo Lite Teasing The World Ends With You News?

The World Ends With You is a very curious game in the history of Square Enix. It was published by them, but made by the Jupiter team. It was made for the Nintendo DS and was a critical darling, yet didn’t sell as well as you might think. Yet, its fanbase was rabid and wanted more. The game was also featured in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, the ONLY Square Enix franchise to do so that wasn’t associated with Final Fantasy. Then, of course, there was the Switch version of the game that teased a new title being made…but no word of that being true in full has come out…yet.

We say “Yet” because Anime Expo revealed on Twitter that they’re still going to do their thing digitally in July, and to celebrate, they showed off some collaboration art…and it features The World Ends With You gang.

This is curious for many reasons. One, if it was just a collaboration, that’s pretty random to have a cult hit game be on such a piece of art. Plus, as the Anime Expo crew would reveal, the art was supposed to be on their program guide, and you DEFINITELY don’t put a cult classic on that unless it means something.

Now, it could just mean that a The World Ends With You anime is coming, which wouldn’t be bad either, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to think a sequel could be coming as well. We’ll find out in just over a month.