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Animal Crossing New Horizons Has Sold 13 Million In Just Six Weeks

We already knew going into the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons that the game was going to sell well. Animal Crossing has a very loyal fanbase that has done incredible things with the sales of the game that have surprised many. But then, with the global lockdown, we expected the game to do even more than predictions stated. And now, thanks to Nintendo, we know exactly how well New Horizons has done, and it’s blown our minds.

In a new finance report, Nintendo did their usual stating of showing off the highest-selling Nintendo Switch titles based on the latest quarter that ended in March. As such, in just about 11 days (as New Horizons came out on March 20th), the latest Animal Crossing title sold 11.77 million copies. That’s an incredible amount.

But wait, there’s more, that was just for March, in April, the game continued to sell, and has already outside the lifetime sales of other Animal Crossing titles:

While it’s true that Animal Crossing New Horizons had somewhat of a slowdown in sales in April, that’s still another 2 million sold basically over the course of a month, and that’s nothing to be sad about.

There’s little down that New Horizons is the “quarantine game” of the world, as various Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts are raving about the title while posting pics of their characters and islands. It’s also important to note that at LEAST 5 million of those sales are digital. Which is a new record that likely won’t be beat for a while.

No matter what though, this is a triumph for Nintendo, and will no doubt carry them for awhile as they navigate the lockdown world and try to deliver more content to gamers when they can.

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