Volume Five of Rioneed Light Novel Launches

It was announced by original English light novel author Ahmed Khashaba that volume five of the Rioneed light novel series is available now! The novel is published webnovel.com and is released in chapters. The chapters are then compiled into volumes which readers can read at their leisure. 

Khashaba describes the Rioneed series as follows:

Ibro always thought that destiny played his own dirty tricks on him. when he was only 23 years old he entered into a VR game that turned out to be a huge destiny trap. the world as everyone knows will end and all humanity will be transferred to this world of games. the Great 8 nations had established their reigns over the game world for a whole five years in secret. his life and the lives of other players in his country had changed into hell. they all played not for fun but for their lives, their future, and their freedom. One day, Ibro woke up to find himself back in time for a whole 10 years, just a week before the start of this game. he decided to defy destiny and change everything, yet again destiny never let him have his own dreams come true. Ibro got in some forced way to travel millions of years in time to an unknown civilization, got himself into some sort of strange brutal conflicts and ended up being forced to play into another game. he even got a system there. Read this unbelievable journey of Ibro and how he would challenge his own fate over and over again. will he succeed in the end? or will destiny has its own way? Join Ibro in his adventure. this novel isn’t a regular game novel. it has 2 VR games, one system, and one cultivation world in it so far.
To check out the Rioneed series for yourself, you can head on over to the following link: https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/16246546205312705/Rioneed-%3A-VRMMORPG