Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Pokemon Journeys Coming Exclusively To Netflix This June

The Pokemon franchise is by and large one of the most successful in the world today, and a major reason for that is because the franchise has not just video games, but card games, and many successful anime in their own rights. Including the new side series in Pokemon Twilight Wings that has gotten a lot of praise from fans. But as for the next version of the main series, that is going to be Pokemon Journeys, and today, its home was revealed…as Netflix.

This is a surprise in many ways. Pokemon has had a lot of TV homes over the years, including the late Kids WB, Cartoon Network, and most recently Disney XD who just finished with the Sun/Moon series. But to go from basic cable stations (and Disney no less who is at the height of their power) and then go to a streaming service like Netflix is a big deal.

Check out the official trailer for it below!

The trailer doesn’t show it in full, but the story of Pokemon Journeys is that Ash is taking a “victory lap” around the Pokemon world in order to celebrate his recent victory as the champion of the Alola League. And he’s been confirmed (via spoilers of the Japanese version) to be going to many different regions, including Galar (the new region from Sword and Shield) as well as revisiting some key places like Vermillion City (where he’ll meet an old gym leader rival).

Plus, there are going to a slew of new Pokemon catches from regions old and new, and you might be surprised as to who catches what. Now, as for why Netflix got the bid, here’s a statement from the press release:

“With their tremendous reach and ability for fans to enjoy content anytime and anywhere, Netflix is the ideal partner to premiere new episodes of the beloved animated Pokemon series in the U.S.,” Emily Arons, senior vice president of international business at The Pokemon Company International, said. “We can’t wait for Pokemon fans of all ages to continue discovering the spirit of adventure and friendship in ‘Pokemon Journeys: The Series,’ our newest season coming to Netflix this June.”

The irony of this of course is that the current global lockdown is preventing anime companies from continuing their shows, which includes Pokemon. But no doubt the release in June is meant to tide fans over until things can get back up and running.