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Panzer Dragoon Remake Switch patch 1.3 improvements outlined

While Panzer Dragoon for the Nintendo Switch was a novel attempt of breathing life into beloved Sega classic title, the game had more than a few issues. While we enjoyed the game, we were keen to point out issues with aiming, delay concerns, and the long loading times, to which the developer, Forever Entertainment, had stated a patch was already in the works.

Now, in a recent interview with Panzer Dragoon world, Co-producer of the Panzer Dragoon Remake has revealed what we can expect from this upcoming patch. The interview is conducted in French, so if you aren’t able to understand the language, we’ve included the cliff notes version below.

Here’s everything that is being addressed or added to Panzer Dragoon, whenever this patch is released.

  • HD Rumble
  • 60FPS is added
  • Input lag reduced/rotation improved
  • Gyro controls
  • Sound effects are reworked
  • Several face button to fire/lock
  • Auto lock system as an option
  • Episode 0 added 
  • New game mode
  • New gameplay options 
  • New cheat codes
  • Options accessible from the pause menu
  • Dragon animation reworked
  • Game language based on console language at first launch
  • The secret menu called Pandora’s Box in Remake now accessible once the game is beaten regardless of difficulty

As of now, there’s no date as to when this patch will be released, but as mentioned in the video, it is currently going through testing by Nintendo. Assuming everything goes well, it should be too long after it’s approved. This patch is sorely needed, especially due to the framerate drops, the lag when aiming, and more importantly, the gyro controls. We really need the latter. 

Source: Panzer Dragoon World