Our OELN Database is Not the Only One Out There!

Original English light novels are a very niche genre aimed at fans of anime and manga. Light novels in Japan are books written in a bit of a different format than here in America. Typically novella in size, they feature more dialogue than a typical American novel and most-likely contain illustrations of characters and scenes in the Japanese anime/manga style. 

While it is a very niche genre, it is a growing community. As anime and manga become more and more mainstream, taking that fandom and passion for the culture is resulting in many talented writers creating their own light novels. Of course, when you’re any kind of author starting out, be it an OELN or traditional author, exposure is the hardest thing to come by. You are battling against hundreds of thousands of other authors all looking for the same slice of the overall pie. All you really want is your share but that share is often hard to achieve.

Now imagine fighting that battle as an original English light novelist! The hill is three times as steep to climb so it is ever-more-important for an OELN author to get as much exposure as possible.

That’s why I created the OELN database here on The Outerhaven but our database isn’t the only one in town! In fact, there has been one in existence long before ours and I am urging you to check it out!

originalenglishlightnovels.com is a fantastic resource for discovering new and veteran OELN authors alike! You can check out their profiles, links to their works, a list of publishers, artists, and more! 

The site is owned and operated by Justus R. Stone who is an OELN author himself with series such as Revelation Game and The Bleeding Worlds. He also has a great YouTube channel where he provides new content each and every week to help you find light novels to love through his detailed reviews! 

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If you’re a fan of anime and/or manga and you enjoy reading great stories, check out originalenglishlightnovels.com, find what might interest you and open your mind! You might just be surprised at how much you’ll end up liking!