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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 178 – The People Vs Tom Nook

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is back, and they brought in a friend to help have a little more fun!

First up, the guys talk about their gaming exploits! The returning King Koopa Keith talks Final Fantasy VII Remake and Streets Of Rage 4! Will gushes about Remake as well, but also notes that he’s finally back in the Persona 5 world via Royal.  Finally, Todd talks about the joys of being a Saint and all the fun he’s having with SR3!

Then, in the news! Animal Crossing CONTINUES to dominate in the sales, including having an incredible digital fanbase. Also, is there really any defense for Tom Nook? Hint: NOPE!!!! Add to that, Splatfest is back, Pokemon is coming to Netflix for its new series, Twilight Wings is still awesome, and Nintendo might be…the next Disney+?

Finally, in the main event, it’s time…for a QUIZ!!!! That’s right, it’s time for Quiz Time!!!! Who will win in a knowledge battle between Keith, Tyler and Will? 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Plus, vote in our poll! Did you get Animal Crossing New Horizons in physical or digital form?

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