Need a Show to Binge? Here’s What The Outerhaven is Watching

As this pandemic rages on, more and more of us are stuck at home, trying to do work and keep ourselves entertained to help flatten the curve and keep essential workers safe. So what can you do? Binge that media! So if you’re looking for stuff to watch, to distract or delight, we here at the Outerhaven are ready to supply you with recommendations to make sure you have stuff to watch. Here’s what some of our writers and editors are tuning into:



There are several writers on this website who love Lucifer but I have been a hold-out. And it’s not because I didn’t like the premise of the devil living on Earth, running a nightclub and falling in love with a detective, because all of that is so up my alley, they named the street after me. No, it’s just good ole fashioned laziness. But I need something to distract me while I wait to be set free and boy, is this a fun way to pass the time. I am loving  Tom Ellis as the Prince of Darkness himself (and not just cause of the accent), and his chemistry with Lauren German. Thus far, it feels a little crime of the week, but the overarching narrative is really keeping me invested.

Tiger King

And lo, gaze upon my shameful trash-binge. Yes, Tiger King has swept the nation at just the right moment when we are all stuck in our houses, begging for escape. Enter Joe Exotic, a man so insane I nearly forgot this was all real. He runs a “zoo” in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma as is a (bare with me) gay polygamist tiger breeder who used to run an extensive web show and now is in jail for hiring a hit man and some other animal-related crimes. And he is just one of the absolutely off-the-walls characters in this docuseries. Now, I will say the show gets steadily more depressing as it goes on, to the point where I was debating even watching the last episode, but now that there’s going to be a new episode added in (supposedly) I guess I’ll have to tune back in.


Exploring With Josh

Lately I’ve been so far removed from traditional TV, but I have been binging urban exploration channels on YouTube like Exploring With Josh. Josh is a silly character but he does live a very interesting life, finding lesser known places around the world that have been abandoned (or otherwise left behind) and documenting them. He’s been all around the world from abandoned factories, houses, stadiums, amusement parks, hotels, etc. Plus his editing and cinematography often times can be very artistic and aesthetically pleasing.



With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to forget that the longest-running TV show involving magic, the occult, and a really epic Chevrolet Impala, is about to end after 15 seasons. Supernatural was a show that defied the odds and kept going because of a very positive fanbase. But if YOU haven’t gotten to see the show yet, Netflix has your back. It has all 14 seasons for you to view, and then by the time you are done? Season 15 will be uploaded and you can finish the series as if you have been on the road with Sam and Dean the whole time.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

There are a lot of places out there that have good anime, but one of the classic can be found on Netflix via Full Metal Alchemist. The story of brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric is timeless, and with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood you get the true definitive version of the anime (based solely on the manga). With great voice acting, deep multi-layered storytelling, and a cast of characters that are truly fleshed out, you’ll find yourself connecting with everyone and hoping that they all survive what is coming for them. Just remember, don’t call Edward short.



Hyakkaou Private Academy, a high-class elite school housing the children of Japan’s most wealthy and influential people and with many future leaders and professionals among the student body. However, the student hierarchy in this school is not determined by academic performance or athletic ability, but rather by gambling. Students are ranked by their monetary contributions to the student council, which fuels an intricate gambling system where students freely bet their fortunes against one another after class. Those who win earn popularity, prestige and connections, while those who lose and fall into debt become “house pets” slaves to the whims of the remainder of the student body, nicknamed “Doggy” or “Kitty” (“Fido” or “Mittens” in the dub) depending on gender and identified with a collar-like tag around their necks. Pets who are unable to clear their debts by the graduation receive “Life Schedules” which dictate their futures as they pay their debts with their lives.


Transformers: The Animated Movie

A childhood favorite of mine and a perfect way to pass the time away if you’re a fan of GOOD transformer design, rock music and well, toys. Sure, this movie was just another way to sell Transformers toys, and it worked. Killing off Optimus Prime and Megatron (well, not Megs), introducing a bunch of newcomers and still one of the best Transformers movies of all time; not that Michael Bay crap (well, except for BumbleBee, that movie was awesome).

Disney’s DuckTales

While I grew up watching DuckTales, the rebooted series has been on my TV for months now and seeing how Season 4 was just released, I had another reason to re-watch all of the previous shows. Better animation, better character development, lots of easter eggs and who deny the magic that is the McDuck Clan/Family?