Meet the Demons and Antagonists of Sakura Wars

In the world of Sakura Wars, the darkness of human hearts birth demons that manifest and invade the world. In SEGA’s newest trailer, we are introduced to the demons and two major antagonists who are responsible: Oboro and Yaksha.

When not making money with their theater ventures, the Flower division will be defending against the threat of demons that invade the world.

First we see a hooded man named Oboro. Details describing him as a warped mastermind, taking pleasure in traumatizing minds and causing despair for humans.

Next is a masked powerful swordswoman named Yaksha. She shares a striking resemblance to a former star. She is willing to anything to awaken the archdemon.  She does look similar to Sakura Shinguji of the original games. Whether it is her remains to be seen…

These two were designed as well by Bleach creator Tite Kubo. For Oboro, the common link is the teeth for me. Yaksha is less noticeable.

We see a bit more of the combat for the game as well. We see our team in their striker mechs traversing the wall and combating the demons in their realm. I got some Dynasty Warriors vibes from the trailer, however, this one has a bit more tactical feel to it. Likely to keep elements of the original games intact.

With these two plaguing the Imperial Capital, will our team be able to stop their plans on reviving the Archdemon? A confrontation is fast approaching for the Flower division this April 28.