Mangamo: A Mobile Manga Subscription Service Launches

Mangamo announced the global launch of their brand-new service today! Mangamo is a mobile manga subscription service and it is the first of its kind that offers unlimited access to hundreds of titles from a growing list of publishers! 

As with any subscription service, the biggest question is how much it will cost you each and every month. Mangamo’s service runs $4.99 USD each month which grants ad-free access to their manga catalog which is all professionally translated into English. No cost is necessary to try the service as new members receive a 2-month free trial. They also state that in addition to being free from ads, there are no additional purchases required. Simply pay the monthly fee and enjoy!

Mangamo, in a press release, stated this for the reason behind its creation:

The high cost of manga ($10-15 USD per book) makes it inaccessible to many readers outside of Japan, and it’s estimated that billions of dollars in revenue is lost to manga piracy sites every year. Mangamo makes manga affordable and accessible and fulfills unmet consumer demand that fuels rampant piracy.

Of course, aside from price, the best big question is what series are available on the service? Mangamo has listed the following titles as just a sample of their overall catalog:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Somali and the Forest Spirit
  • Fire Force
  • Arte
  • Dropkick on My Devil
  • Akatsuki Babies
  • Reset Game
  • Daily Meteor Strike

Mangamo looks to rollout 300 titles and over 1,000 chapters, each to be gradually added daily. 

“I grew up reading manga and watching anime as a child in Japan, and I’m inspired by the global rise of this treasured Japanese form of entertainment,” said Buddy Marini, founder and CEO of Mangamo. “Mangamo offers something I’ve always wanted as a fan: an easy and affordable way to read a ton of new manga while giving back to the publishers and creators so they can continue to make the manga I love.”

The app also features right to left reading if you prefer the traditional style as well as vertical scrolling as seen on some fan scanlation sites. Mangamo is the creation of executives and leaders from already trusted content sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, VIZ Media, and more. As of now, Mangamo has 11 publishers onboard such as Kodansha Comics, Comicsmart, Toppan, and North Star Pictures.

Mangamo is available or iOS and Android devices. You can grab it from the Apple Store or the Google Play store today! If you want to learn more about Mangamo, you can check out their official website: