Limited Run Games Collector's Edition

Limited Run Games Streets of Rage 4 Collector’s Edition revealed

Damn, why didn’t I wait?

It wasn’t that long ago that Limited Run Games announced the physical edition for Dot Emu, Guard Rush Games, and LizardCube’s Streets of Rage 4, for the PS4 and Switch.

However, there was a little rumor that the company was planning on also releasing a Collector’s Edition. We just couldn’t confirm it, so I went ahead and purchased the Classic Edition. Of course, wouldn’t you know it that Limited Run Games would eventually reveal that rumored Collector’s Edition.

See it in all its glory below, or cry if you also pre-ordered the Classic Edition.

It looks pretty damned sexy, doesn’t it? While this edition is double the price as the Classic Edition, it comes with a lot more stuff. Here’s everything you get for $149.99.

  • 1x Copy of Streets of Rage 4 (PS4/Switch)
  • Classic Edition Case
  • Genesis Case
  • Reversible Cover
  • Poster (18×24)
  • Steelbook Case
  • Art Book
  • Physical Soundtrack
  • A statue featuring Alex and Blaze
  • Chick Stress Ball
  • Premium Box that houses it all

So by now, you’re wondering how to get ahold of this Collector’s Edition, right? Well, you’ll get two chances over at First on May 1st at 10 AM EST, followed up with a second chance at 6 PM EST. These are likely going to sell out, so you’re going to want to make sure you have your credit cards at the ready.

And if you’re like me and already pre-ordered the Classic Edition, Limited Run Games will let you cancel that, if you manage to pre-order the Classic Edition. So you’ll get back your other monies, but don’t cancel it until you can confirm your Collector’s Edition made it in. Or you’ll be screwed out of both editions.

Good luck to us all, and let’s hope that the scalpers don’t manage to walk away with all the good stuff.

Limited Run Games Collector's Edition