Light Novel Series Isekai Monster Releases Third Volume

It was announced today that Volume 3 of the Isekai Monster original English light novel series has launched! The third volume continues the story of a monster hero who has been summoned from another world to protect a princess from a world overrun with both heroes and demons.

Akos Esthoth, the author of the series, describes the third volume as follows:

Heroes from all over the world gather. To forge new alliances and create new connections. In this goodwill tournament arc. All this happens with an ominous cloud hanging over the city. In this volume, many more mysteries of the world will be revealed.  Many more questions will arise. Who will survive? Why? And who or what is working behind the scenes?

The third volume is currently available on Kindle for $4.99 or for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

You can pick up Volume 3 of Isekai Monster here: