Journey to the Savage Planet Hot Garbage DLC Header

Hot Garbage DLC heading to Journey to the Savage Planet next week

During yesterday’s Inside Xbox Livestream, we got a chance to find out more about the upcoming DLC for Journey to the Savage Planet. Which has a lot o interesting bits to it, but not as interesting as the name for the DLC, aptly named “Hot Garbage”. 

This new DLC will introduce a newly opened water park by the protagonist employer, Kindred Aerospace, but it seems their competitor Viper Corp isn’t too thrilled about that. So they did want any other competitor would do, they started dumping toxic waste into the water park. What, that’s not right, toxic waste? I suppose that’s why the DLC is called Hot Garbage. Which means it’s your job to clean up the mess and put an end to Viper Corp’s schemes.

But you won’t do it without some help in the form of new items to utilize. Such as a pair of underwater boots to keep you grounded while underwater, a jetpack so you can soar through the clear skies and more. 

The Hot Garbage DLC will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store) and is priced at $8, which is cheap as far as expansions go. 

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